My sweet Willow Bear

Willow was the first Dane I purchased after deciding I was dedicated to this venture. I learned so much from her breeder, and Willow was simply the perfect puppy. I couldn't believe how easily she transitioned into my home, how smart she was, and how quick she was to adopt me as 'mom'. Willow resides here, with me, and she's still my sweet, loving, obedient girl. She is the Ying to Juniper's Yang, and the balance in my home. Still, she does well with small animals, intact females, and newborn puppies, often sharing her own litters with June, and helping nurse Junie's most recent litter.

Willow has whelped three litters with Duke; Blaue Weide Danes' Middle Earth litter (Sept '20), Taste of Tejas litter (March '21), and Golden Years litter (March '22). Together, Willow & Duke have produced three studs that remain in the Blaue Weide program; Apache, Oliver, and Deacon.