My Sweet Junie Buggles!

Where do you start when tasked with writing a blurb about the love of your life? Juniper is a very special girl, to say the least. She is my dream Dane, the dog that the Lord crafted specifically for me, the one that restored my faith in the greater good, that solidified the decision to continue changing lives the way she changed mine... Junie is the Great Dane I strive to produce, because she is the Dane who has never met a soul who didn't absolutely love her.

Juniper came from a lovely breeder in Porter, Texas, whom, over the years, has become a dear friend. Truth be told, I'm lucky to even have Junie at all, because when I reached out to inquire, Junie had already found a home. I scoured the internet for another puppy just like her, but nothing seemed to live up to the impossible standards set by the puppy I had already fallen for. Then, one day, I got a call from Carolina asking if I were still interested in the harlequin puppy I had asked about - talk about the BEST surprise! Gotcha Day seemed to arrive overnight, and before long, I was holding the puppy of my dreams, pondering how I would ever love her as much as I already loved Willow...

Carolina told me she was a special girl, but I couldn't have known just how special of a Dane Juniper Jones would truly be. She is spunky, loving, and dramatic, she always has somethin' spicy to say, and she is the BEST mama I could ask for. Her vocal temperament and sweet demeanor shines bright in all of her puppies; I am so fortunate to have built my program around this gem of a soul!

Junie has her very own TikTok that I often update with videos of her vocal tantrums, daily shenanigans, and puppy-ventures. Whether you're considering a June baby & want to see her temperament, or just love super-cute videos of Great Danes talking back to their owners, @junebugdane has something for everyone. Give us a follow!

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